Which Furniture Pieces to Save on and Which to Invest In When Decorating Your Home

Knowing which pieces are worth splurging and which you should save on, can take your budget much farther when furnishing a home. Also, mixing high end pieces with bargain finds, when done right, will create a unique stylish look for your home. 

Combining hi/low priced items with old and new finds is one of my favorite things to do! To alleviate budget constraints, I always prioritize the pieces that are worth investing in, and include lower price point items for the rest. 

Here are my usual save/splurge categories:


  1. While in some cases it’s important to have that high-quality wool rug, most of the time you will be OK with a less expensive area rug. 
  2. Bookcases or shelves are what you make of them – style them right and they will be showpieces despite of their price point.
  3. Side table and nightstands are smaller pieces that can be easily changed over time for wear and tear, or a design refresh.
  4. Lighting is super important, but you may be better off spending time choosing the right kind of light bulb than the actual fixture. 


  1. Sofa is a piece you can’t compromise on – it must be comfortable, well made and durable. It’s also a large piece that sets the tone for the room. 
  2. Dining room table and chairs are another piece you should open your budget to. Good quality, material and sturdiness, as well as comfort are a must!
  3. Just by thinking about how much time you spend in a bed is sufficient reason to make sure you’re not skimping on the right mattress and frame.
  4. Everyone needs that favorite chair – whether it’s a popular swivel, accent or lounge chair, you want it to be comfy and stylish, so go all the way!

Like with anything, there are always exceptions to these, and it’ all depending on the project and client. Sometimes I would get inspired by a top-of-the line piece and be able to match it with something alike that costs less. Either way, going with the lower price point doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice style, comfort or quality. Today, there are many great options just waiting to be found! 

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