How to Get the Perfect Costal Relaxed Look

Whether you live by the coast, or just dreaming of a perfect beach vacation, coastal style brings that easy-breezy vibe to your space.

Hallmark color story is that of the sea, sky and sand, usually in lighter tones. Pair it with natural materials like seagrass, jute and whitewashed wood or driftwood. Add woven textures like rope and wicker, as well as striped or small patterns. Sprinkle sparingly with some corral, sea shells and nautical touches. A bowl of fresh lemons or a vase of hydrangeas in full bloom are a must!   

Coastal design style has a range of variation you can take it to: from modern coastal to a more traditional and rustic, currently trending coastal grandmother, mediterranean, tropical, or sometimes mixed. 

I like using performance fabrics and easy-to-clean rugs that can withstand the sun and sand that inevitably gets in, and is especially important for STR maintenance. For a more formal look, I like to use darker blues, like navy, and play with the contrast. Coastal grandmother is all about the lifestyle reflected by carefully chosen details and cozy vibe. Red and coral pink or orange are often an addition for a brighter, more tropical mood.

Whichever direction you decide to take, it should transport you to a place of lightness that feels like a perpetual vacation.

For some inspiration, check out this coastal bedroom, and keep following for more ideas and tips.

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