Which Furniture Pieces to Save on and Which to Invest In When Decorating Your Home

Knowing which pieces are worth splurging and which you should save on, can take your budget much farther when furnishing a home. Also, mixing high end pieces with bargain finds, when done right, will create a unique stylish look for your home.  Combining hi/low priced items with old and new finds is one of myContinue reading “Which Furniture Pieces to Save on and Which to Invest In When Decorating Your Home”

How to Get the Perfect Costal Relaxed Look

Whether you live by the coast, or just dreaming of a perfect beach vacation, coastal style brings that easy-breezy vibe to your space. Hallmark color story is that of the sea, sky and sand, usually in lighter tones. Pair it with natural materials like seagrass, jute and whitewashed wood or driftwood. Add woven textures likeContinue reading “How to Get the Perfect Costal Relaxed Look”

Style Vs Theme – What is the Difference?

I frequently encounter confusion between style and theme. Some homeowners get locked within a theme and struggle to expand on it, while not getting the results they hoped for. Then they give me a call.  So what is the difference?  Style is an overarching concept, and while it can have some sub-themes, it’s much broader.Continue reading “Style Vs Theme – What is the Difference?”

How to Stage the Entryway to Impress Buyers and Guests

Whether you’re welcoming potential buyers, vacation rental guests, or just friends & family, the first impression is really important – and it starts with the front door.  The entrance sets the tone and expectations for the whole property. It’s also an opportunity to add some character and create curb appeal.  Here’s how to do it:Continue reading “How to Stage the Entryway to Impress Buyers and Guests”

A Day in a Life of a Designer

There is a lot that happens in-between before and after photos…  One of my favorite things to do is consultations / on-site assessments. It’s always an adventure discovering a new property and coming up with solutions to improve it.  A big part of my day is dealing with people: clients, suppliers, contractors – and IContinue reading “A Day in a Life of a Designer”

Creating a Vacation Rental in 7 Steps

When creating a vacation rental, you have to keep in mind several key factors such as appeal for listing and social media photos, hospitality elements, as well as functionality from both guest’s and host’s perspective.  Here’s how to accomplish this is 7 simple steps: Know your target guest and what their preferences and needs are.Continue reading “Creating a Vacation Rental in 7 Steps”

Project Spotlight: Kitchen Remodel

I recently designed this kitchen for a client in Westford, MA who wanted something modern and timeless. It was a complete tear down that included a different layout and all new updated finishes and fixtures, as well as opening the space up to the dining room and adjoining living area that were also refurnished. AsContinue reading “Project Spotlight: Kitchen Remodel”