Styling Essentials

Looking for a quick spring home refresh? Try adding these decor staples used by interior designers, to style like a pro. Here is some inspiration from my projects:

Lamps not only brighten up the space, but can also add to overall style. Plants have a calming effect and bring the outdoors in. Spring is a perfect season to add some fresh flowers to your home.      

Throw pillows and throws add softness, texture, pattern, and a cozy feel to any home.

Candles are always a great addition – they can add color as well as scent to the space. 

Trays are great for displaying grouped accessories! Place them in the kitchen, on a bed or a coffee table!

Baskets are both functional and look great – especially when they hide the clutter! There are so many choices in size, shape and material. 

Books can be decorative! Display them on the coffee table, nightstand, or on the shelf. Make sure to alternate stacking between vertical and horizontal. 

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