Home Design

How We Transform Houses Into Beautiful Functional Homes That Fit Homeowners Lifestyle And Budget

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

– William Morris

We guide you to discover what speaks to you and serves your lifestyle when you’re unsure which style you like, color seems scary, or you simply need a better use of space.

We achieve sophistication and uniqueness through careful curation and mix of home furnishings, color palette, decor and lighting. 

We “shop” your whole house, mix it up, and give a second life to some of your possessions. We repurpose, reuse and renew. It’s sustainable and cost effective. 

We prioritize items worth investing into and budget on the rest. We source inventory from select wholesale and retail channels, and secure competitive prices with quick turnaround times.

We never compromise on good design. Same design principles apply to a simple redesign as they do to a five figure project. Our process impacts the cost and time, but not quality of work. 

Our Home Design Services

Color or Design Consultation

1.5h Consultation to help you select the right color story or design direction for any space in your home. Includes the moodboard with recommended direction. 


Whether you’re choosing a paint color, new sofa, or considering a total redesign, this consultation will help you determine your style and preferences and provide with color scheme or design direction. We offer a gift certificate for this service, perfect as a closing, housewarming, or wedding gift.

Home ReFresh

Design solution for updating and refreshing your home decor. It can include new space layout, color and finishes selection, product sourcing, new functional area, and styling.

Starting at $550

We provide you the concept and design board with realistic renderings of your space with proposed changes and additions. You can choose to implement the project on your own by using our blueprint with the shopping list links, or have us take care of the procurement, installation and styling. 

House To Home

Design solution for new homeowners to visualize and transform their house into a home by editing, updating and expanding what they have to fit the new space.

Starting at $950

Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, or starting fresh as the new homeowner, we can help you plan the best layout and furniture selection. With so many decisions from color, light fixtures, window and floor coverings, we help you select the best decor and finishes for your new space. You can choose the e-Design option and implement it on your own, or have us execute the project from start to finish. 

Our 4D Home Design Process

Discovery Stage

  • Introduction: We invite you to fill out a questionnaire or simply contact us so we can get to know each other and ensure the best fit for your project.
  • Exploration Meeting: We spend 1.5h with you in person or virtually to evaluate your space and needs, determine direction and scope of project. We learn about what you like and how you live. We take photos and measurements and explore your house and its inventory.
  • Project Kick off: Based on our meeting, we determine the best solution for your home and present you with a Proposal for the project. Once you give us the thumbs up, we confirm the schedule and the transformation begins!

Design BluePrint

Pencil and Ruler Icon
  • Mood Board: We develop a concept and involve you in the process of creating a mood board. This helps you discover your style  and understand the design direction.
  • Design Plan: We develop a detailed design plan defining flow and function of the space, create a focal point and optimal furniture placement. We develop appealing color scheme, flattering lighting, and enhance the space with carefully selected textiles and accessories. We feature some furniture and accessories that you already own, and plan for additional pieces to create the desired impact and complete the transformation.
  • Presentation: We present you the design plan, discuss any changes, and make sure you are happy to move forward.

Deliver Transformation

  • Inventory Procurement and Logistics: This stage involves sourcing the best inventory for your project and ensuring it fits within your budget and timeline. 
  • Preparing the Space: We advise you how to declutter and remove any pieces that will not be used. We address any repairs or updates including painting.
  • Transformation: Design installation and styling, which means executing our design plan in the space – from furniture configuration, bringing in additional inventory, to the final touches and dressing the space. 

Desired Lifestyle

House With Heart Icon
  • Reveal: Once you see your home transformed, besides being amazed by how beautiful it looks, you’ll soon realize that there’s more to it – the well designed and organized home will improve how you live.

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