How to Style a Bed like a Pro in 8 Steps

Would you like a refresh of your bedroom? Style your bed like a pro in 8 easy steps. You’ll get an instant resort-like feel, or a cozy private retreat. 

  1. Start with the fitted sheet. 
  2. Lay the flat sheet wrong side up with room at the top to fold over your duvet. I also like using europeans-style duvet covers, as they are easier to keep in place, and enable you to switch out the design. 
  3. You can place some Euro (large square) pillows against the headboard – 2 for queen and 3 for king-sized bed. They will add height and a nice plush layer of color or pattern.
  4. Match pillow shams on queen or king standard pillows with color or pattern of the duvet. 
  5. For a luxe feel, layer on more throw pillows and use them to add color, pattern or texture. Top it off with a nice lumbar pillow with some flair. 
  6. Layer up the duvet for warmth as well as visual interest. You can fold a blanket half-way down, or place a throw on the bottom of the bed, straight, diagonally or in bow formation – just twist and fold in the middle, then fan out the ends. 
  7. You can add a tray with a cup of coffee or a book for a little lifestyle moment.
  8. Don’t forget to add matching bedside lamps, some books, candles and small succulents to complete the look!

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