How to Stage the Entryway to Impress Buyers and Guests

Whether you’re welcoming potential buyers, vacation rental guests, or just friends & family, the first impression is really important – and it starts with the front door. 

The entrance sets the tone and expectations for the whole property. It’s also an opportunity to add some character and create curb appeal. 

Here’s how to do it:

🚪 Door: You can easily add some style to your front door with a coat of paint. This is one place where you can be bold and add a pop of color. Just make sure that it’s in line with the architecture and color of the house. 

💡 Light: Make sure there is a working light by the entrance. To take it up a notch, you can update the fixture. Use the soft white LED bulb that’s at least equivalent to 60W. 

🗝 Hardware: Have your door handle and knocker polished and coordinated. Make sure that a door bell is working, and that the house number is clearly visible from the street. 

🪴 Decor: A door mat should look new and welcoming – this is a detail you can have some fun with. Decorate the entrance by hanging a door wreathe and add some potted, or handing fresh flowers. 

🪑 Other: Depending on the size of your front porch, you could add some seating like a bench, or a couple of chairs with some cushions. Make sure that the path is clear of clutter, clean, and de-iced in the winter.

I personally ❤️ adding nice seasonal touches! I also enjoy picking colors and fixtures to go with the style and location of the house. 

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