A Day in a Life of a Designer

There is a lot that happens in-between before and after photos… 

One of my favorite things to do is consultations / on-site assessments. It’s always an adventure discovering a new property and coming up with solutions to improve it. 

A big part of my day is dealing with people: clients, suppliers, contractors – and I love that constant interaction. 

There is also a more solitary side when I work on design boards and 3D renderings. I like to unplug, focus, and get on with my vision.

Days with design or staging installations can be long and physically demanding. This requires a lot of pre-planning and logistics coordination – it’s less glamorous than most people imagine.

The most rewarding days include client reveal and reviewing the photos of the finished project. 

Business admin tasks always run in the background. To stay organized, I like having good systems and a group of trusted associates in place. 

I try to make time to recharge regularly so I stay balanced and inspired. For this, I love to spend time by the ocean 🌊 do yoga, play tennis 🎾 and read historical and mystery books 📚 

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