TREND WATCH: 2023 Will be full of Bold, Vibrant and Highly Personalized Interiors

Industry leaders and influencers are all predicting a big shift in our homes this year. Design choices are directly impacted by current lifestyle and factors that dictate it. In the post-pandemic years, people are now embracing a more vibrant, personalized style with the comfort and function in mind. 

Gone are the days of sterile minimalistic style with sparse furnishings and monochromatic or neutral color scheme. Vibrant color, bold patterns, and ample meaningful accessories will fill our homes this year. This is driven by the desire for warmth, comfort and personal expression. 

Another driver of change is the increased cost of living, which paired with environmental concerns is making homeowners seek to reuse designs or vintage pieces, and mix old with new. Sustainable, consciously sourced pieces that have lasting power are taking over fast furniture, as people are looking beyond convenience.     

Minimalist StyleMaximalist style with vibrant colors, layered materials and bold patterns
Whites and GraysVibrant Color Palette with lots of reds and oranges, as well as their toned-down versions like blush and clay. Some natural touches, like all shades of brown
Straight Lines Curvy, organic shapes that make the space dynamic, modern and nature-inspired
Fast FurnitureSustainable, eco-friendly and reused designs
Matching PiecesPersonalized decor with vintage and heirloom objects, unique pieces, mix of old and new
The trends on their way OUT and top 5 coming IN to replace them

Biophilic concept of incorporating nature into our indoor environment is going strong, reflected with addition of live plants and color palette choices. Similarly, organic, curvy shapes are more present over the straight lines. Materials are centered around warm, light woods with beautiful grain patterns, juxtaposed with cool metals and natural stone.

If you’d like to infuse some of these new bright colors, play with mixing old and new, or add some organic lines to your furniture and decor, we can put together the look and source the pieces that are on trend but will also stand the test of time. Most importantly, we’ll find the design solution that improves how you live and feel in your home.

Some of these trends won’t translate so well for staged houses. We’ll continue to use more neutral, but warmer colors, and accentuate them with texture, layered materials and just a touch of bold color or pattern. While personalized decor doesn’t work for staged homes, a unique centerpiece, curved lines, and greenery, will all be embraced.

Which are your favorite new trends that you’d like to see in your space?

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