Top 5 Tips for Staging a Kitchen

When preparing a house for a sale, one of the key three areas to focus on is the kitchen. This space is at the top of buyers’ priority list and is really worthwhile spending some extra time there to present it in the best light. Here are the top 5 tips for staging a kitchen with examples from our recent projects.

1. Remove small appliances, everyday items and knives.

Keeping countertops uncluttered and clean will make the work space feel larger, functional and neat. Hide everyday use items such as dish detergent and sponges, and tuck away knives for safety. Make sure it looks spotless!                             

2. Select 2-3 displays and group items for each.

This will add visual interest, highlight the function and lifestyle appealing to your target buyers. Position them to accent key areas and create balanced composition – don’t spread too many items across all surfaces. Use a tray to anchor the groupings.

3. Style with pieces that have appealing color and texture to complement the kitchen.

The best items to add are fruit and veggies, bowls, cutting boards, good quality tea towels, elegant bottles, decorative jars filled with pasta or beans, utensil holder, high-end cookware like copper pots or dutch oven. 

4. Create a lifestyle moment.

Have buyers imagine themselves entertaining or cooking a gourmet meal in the space. Set the stage for these activities with a cookbook propped on an easel, nice cookware on the stove, appetizer dish, decorative bottle with glasses, or set up a coffee bar. 

5. Don’t forget the cabinets and open shelving.

Another critical part of the kitchen is storage. Reduce the amount of stuff in cabinets so they look spacious and neat. For open shelves or glass cabinets, make sure to create a nice vignette by featuring some of the best china or cookware.  

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