Spring Cleaning Tips: Refresh your home to sell or enjoy this season

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house, or just preparing to enjoy the warm weather months, this is a good time to freshen up your home. You may have delayed the spring cleaning, but as the weather gets more promising, it’s time to tackle it and it doesn’t have to be daunting.

Here are the simple steps to follow that would help you stay on top of it:

  1. Don’t wait until you have a whole weekend to deal with it. Assign time every day for at least an hour and start the process.
  2. Work by category and create a checklist for each area, breaking it up on smaller tasks.
  3. Tackle the seasonal switchover: clothes, bedding, small decor. I like using the vacuum bags to both protect the off season garments, and to save some space.
  4. Decluttering: Before you even start cleaning, attack the clutter. Start with the easy stuff, and go room by room. Create four piles: keep, sell, donate and trash, and start sorting.
  5. Cleaning: think cleaning the areas you don’t cover in your usual routine – hard to reach areas, windows, carpets. Try minimizing the chemicals in your home by using natural cleaners.
  6. Yard: bundle all outdoor chores, from maintaining lawn to cleaning the grill and outdoor furniture. Assign for which tasks you’ll hire the help and which you’ll tackle yourself.
  7. Cars: it’s good time to do detailing. My favorite thing is to switch out the winter rubber mats to carpet ones.
  8. Now that everything is shining, finish it with some new seasonal decor – whether it’s a throw pillow, a vase, or a light. Think about your outdoor seating and planters too.

Enjoy the warm weather – it’s coming any day now!


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