Our Top 8 Favorite Home Staging Essentials

When choosing accessories for staging, consider the three key ways how they can contribute to the appeal of the home:

For one, they are a perfect way to inject color, pattern, texture or style. Two, they add function – like decorative baskets that hide homeowners clutter, or lamps that light up the space. Last, but not least, they tell a story to create a lifestyle that buyers aspire to.

Here are some of our favorite go to staging accessories:

1. Throw Pillows: They can cozy up any space and add color and texture. It’s fun to mix different shapes and patterns together. Make sure to fluff up, then karate chop them.

2. Bowls and vases: These functional pieces can bring in a burst of style with so many materials, shapes, sizes and colors they come in. They can be features on their own, but often hold pretty flowers, or fruits.

3. Trays: Trays are visual helpers used to anchor and display a grouping of decorative objects. They are a great lifestyle prop and are often placed on coffee tables, kitchen islands, and beds.

4. Candles: The beauty of candles is in their simplicity – they can be placed and combined in so many ways, and every time deliver great ambience in almost every part of the house.

5. Baskets: Utilitarian in nature, they do a double duty of hiding homeowners possessions and adding some visual interest with texture and shape. Natural woven ones are alway a great choice. 

6. Rugs: They are the best way to define and highlight the purpose area. They add interest, color and pattern. By framing and complimenting the furniture, they pull the space together. 

7. Lamps: While they contribute to the overall esthetics, lamps are essential to light up the space and this is best achieved with layering the lighting by using multiple sources.

8. Interesting Decorative Objects: These are great lifestyle props: coffee table books, wooden puzzles, orbs or globes, elegant hourglasses, colorful dutch ovens – there are so many fitting options for multitude of buyers.

Here are some affordable picks in two timeless and easy to put together color schemes: natural/gold – neutral and universal with a luxe touch, and black/white – for a modern dynamic look.

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