Creating a Vacation Rental in 7 Steps

When creating a vacation rental, you have to keep in mind several key factors such as appeal for listing and social media photos, hospitality elements, as well as functionality from both guest’s and host’s perspective. 

Here’s how to accomplish this is 7 simple steps:

  1. Know your target guest and what their preferences and needs are. Before you even start, think who you cater to – this will be essential for coming up with the design that will attract and satisfy your guests.
  2. Stay in-tune with your destination and inject some local charm. People want to experience the area so add the style that fits the location. I like to use pieces from local businesses to add authenticity and support the community. 
  3. Create a functional layout so your guests can get good use of the space. It should have an easy flow and make sense for the intended use by target guest. Of course, it needs to look great in the pics too! 
  4. Use durable furniture that is both comfortable and stylish. It should be able to withstand heavy use and still look great. Think of materials that are easy to clean. DON’T go with big box store sets and generic set up!
  5. Consider the hospitality factor, and add some luxe extras. Great welcoming touches are trays with bottled water and treats. In bath, make sure to have a basket of rolled up towels and fancy toiletries. 
  6. Don’t overdo the accessories – you don’t want to clutter the surfaces.  Guests want to be able to put down their things. Plus there is less to clean for the guest turnover. Pick several larger items that will really contribute to the space. 
  7. Don’t forget to put together a welcome book where you can feature some local businesses you used for decorating the space. It’s a win-win for the host, guests, and the local business community.

Don’t know how to start? Schedule a Discovery Call with me today and I’ll set you up to become a Superhost. 

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