How to Prepare Your Home for a Top $ Sale without any Upfront Costs  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What goes into preparing a property for sale?

A: The art of preparing and showcasing a home for sale involves many steps and is usually referred to as home staging. The scope of staging goes far beyond what some people see as decorating: an experienced home stager will determine necessary repairs, prioritize updates for best ROI, create curb appeal, guide on how to declutter and depersonalize, make color and lighting adjustments, select and/or rent furnishings, ensure optimal space layout, and style for photography.

Q: What are the current buyer trends?

A: Buyers are looking for easy to navigate, clutter-free, well maintained properties where they can see a good layout and clearly defined functional areas. They like neutral spaces that they can put their stamp on. Buyers are increasingly looking for the updated fixtures and on trend colors. Move-in ready has become popular as securing labor and materials has become harder. 

Q: What is the mindset of a seller?

A: An average seller has mentally already moved on. They have an enormous amount of tasks on their to do list and are overwhelmed. The last thing they want to be involved in is dealing with projects and vendors. They also invariably have financial constraints as many are securing their new home, and are more reluctant or simply unable to invest in the property they are selling, therefore leaving the potential for huge returns on the table.

Q: How can we bridge the gap between buyer’s expectations and seller’s reality? 

A: Homeowners can have a hands-off pre-sale makeover and staging with no upfront costs. Abode to Adore has partnered with Zoom Casa, a real estate concierge platform, to provide our clients with full service staging for a top dollar sale, while enabling you to finance this investment after the house sells. We refer to it as Pay-at-Close option.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: You can easily check your eligibility by simply answering a few questions: Check to see if your property qualifies for Pay-at-Close option

Q: Do sellers need to perform any work, hiring, or project management?

A: No. You are completely hands off during the process. Everything is handled by thoroughly vetted, experienced providers, such as Abode to Adore.

Q: Are there any out of pocket costs?

A: No. Everything is paid at closing out of escrow, after you have secured best return on your property.   

Q: What outcome can I expect? 

A: According to Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) 2020 report, 75% of sellers who invested an average 1% of the sale price into staging, saw an ROI of 5-15% over asking price. 

Abode to Adore staged properties sold for between 6-21% over asking price, with typical investment 0.6% of listing price, yielding up to 30 times ROI on staging.

Q: I am a Real Estate Agent with access to Zoom Casa platform. How can you help me? 

A: I can offer you staging services with deferred payment. Just go to Zoom Casa’s “Submit Staging Job” page and select Abode to Adore as one of their preferred vendors. 

Q: What is the process? 

  1. Check to see if your property qualifies for Pay-at-Close option
  2. Request a quote for staging from Abode to Adore and choose Pay-at-Close option
  3. Abode to Adore creates a quote, including Zoom Casa’s concierge fee, for homeowner’s approval
  4. Zoom Casa sends contract to the homeowner 
  5. Abode to Adore schedules and completes staging installation 
  6. Home sells fast and at the maximum price point
  7. Abode to Adore destages the property 
  8. Payment for staging is made out of escrow directly to Zoom Casa, per their terms and conditions

We turn what homeowners have into what buyers want.

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