5 Things You Need to Create a Home Office

If you find yourself moving between the couch and kitchen counter while trying to work from home, it’s time to save your sanity and create a designated office area. The truth is, you only need 5 things and one morning to set up a home office that will ensure some much needed peace and increased productivity.

  1. SPACE – define it

Chances are that even if there is a separate room for an office in your home, it’s been already conquered by other family members trying to work or study there. You need to get creative – look for those nooks and crannies, or areas that can be divided up or hidden away, and transform them into your professional oasis. Think fireplace alcove, space under the stairs, dormer window nook, or even a long closet. We have encountered many of these scenarios and successfully turned them into beautiful functional spaces. 

To help you define the space and reduce distractions, try sound absorbing panels (they also add visual interest) or noise-reducing curtains. For open spaces that you need to separate visually, use shelving room dividers. Shelves will also provide office storage solution and keep you organized. Another mobile, as well as decorative way of dividing space is by using a privacy panel or three panel screen

  1. DESK – think function

Desks are designed with many different purposes in mind. There are so many options from writing desk, computer desk, adjustable for standing or sitting, floating, corner, to name just a few. Before you embark on a shopping trip, think about how you use the desk surface and evaluate the space that you have for it. This will set you on the right path to narrowing down some good options that would fit both your work style and space. In one of our recent designs, we fit the secretary desk into a living room fireplace alcove where it could be closed up while not in use.  

  1. CHAIR – invest

Of all the things you need for your home office, this is the one to splurge on. Your back will thank you and you will enjoy the benefits of overall sense of wellness as you endure long work hours. While you should observe the ergonomic features,  you don’t need to compromise on the style. There are many options that will go well with the overall mood and style of your home while maintaining comfort and function. Our picks include this modern adjustable, padded swivel and standing support chairs.   

  1. LIGHT – set the mood

This is a critical element of your home office. Hopefully you can capture some natural light, which can be challenging if you’re using a sub-divided or closet space. The key is to layer the light by using several sources to ensure some flexibility and set the mood for your work space. Besides a ceiling fixture, recessed light or a floor lamp, you should introduce a good task light for your desk space. We also like using white therapy light that closely resembles daylight and can lift your mood and energize you during gloomy New England days. 

  1. STORAGE – get organized

For your office to become and remain a pleasant and efficient place, you need to figure out where to keep all your office essentials, from equipment, to papers and staples. We accumulate so much stuff that it’s important to find a handy spot where each category will live. If you get some stylish storage boxes you’ll be more likely to use them. The usual desk clutter can be contained by using a neat desk set. To stay organized in time as much as in your space, try a wall system that can become your command center. 

With a little imagination, smart shopping and some DIY skills, you can comfortably settle down into what may be a long winter of working from home. 

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