2022 Style Forecast

There is so much to look forward to in 2022! Here are the emerging trends, styles that are continuing to go strong, and others that are on their way out.


Green Color will have a major presence. It naturally lends itself to the trend of bringing the outside in to introduce tranquility into our homes. It will be brought in the space through furniture, walls, kitchens, as well as house plants!

Black Accents will accentuate new earthy neutral spaces to add some depth and contrast. They draw the eye and create visual interest in space. It’s easy to introduce them through lighting, furniture details, accessories or art.      

Going Strong:

Natural materials that have marked new designs last year are here to stay. Sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, woven, hammered metals, marble and terra cotta will add to the calming ambiance inspired by nature. 

Organic shapes and textures such as curved line furniture drawing inspiration from nature, as well as cozy textured fabrics like boucle and velvet, will continue to hold prominent place in 2022 interiors.

On the way out: 

Farmhouse style has reached its peek and people are ready for a new direction to embrace.  

Monochromatic spaces will move out of the way to let in something more colorful and patterned. 

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