2021 Style Forecast

The recent lifestyle adjustments have influenced some of the new trends on the horizon for 2021. Here’s what we think will dominate homes this year.

Design by Abode to Adore


People are craving comfort, warmth and serenity. This is reflected by the emerging color schemes dominated by the light and warm neutrals like beige, cream and sand, as well as earthy, nature-inspired shades such as camel, terracotta, brown, blue and green. 


Like color, this will be inspired by natural elements and we’ll start to see more sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, leather, wool boucle, stone, ceramics, and metal finishes. The lighter tone woods and rattan will also make a comeback. 

Shapes and Textures

Organic shapes inspired by nature, with curved furniture lines will add to sense of flow and calm. Polished and reflective surfaces are being replaced by rich rustic texture of woods and soft natural fabrics, juxtaposing cooler stone and metal accents for visual interest. 


As people started using their homes for new purposes like work, fitness and school, new functional areas are demanding some separation, making us rethink open plan spaces. Layouts will focus on visually defining different zones using furniture placement, lighting and area rugs. 


Many people swapped their city dwellings for more rural areas. The style that is blurring this line and marrying rural and urban look, while fitting perfectly with new color and material trends, is rustic industrial. It’s balancing modern and traditional elements, with relaxed, streamlined mood.  

Don’t feel compelled to start from the scratch – there are many ways to incorporate these new trends with your existing pieces and redesign your space for the new year. 

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